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27 Jun 2024

Dream Home, Week 5


Week 5 - The Grand Finale in the Sunshine State and a Sneak Peek into NSW

As we wrap up our journey through sun-drenched Queensland, our contestants have crafted masterpieces that perfectly marry luxury with functionality. From the Hollywood glamour and modern cool of Coorparoo to the warm, coastal Scandi charm of Deception Bay, the revealed homes are nothing short of spectacular.

Coorparoo - Grand DIY Dreams Realised

In Coorparoo, Rhys and Liam's stunning façade transformed their home into a true sanctuary. Their bathroom renovations received high praise, with every element meticulously designed to blend practicality and elegance. Lara and Peter executed a perfectly designed nursery, creating a serene space with an impeccable colour palette.

Taeler and Elle's entrance and master bedroom embodied the Palm Springs vibe. Their clever use of a Venetian plaster curved partition wall to hide the bed from view added a sophisticated touch. The master bedroom's window furnishings, featuring a Luxaflex bent curtain track with dual fabric of S-wave Amadora Pearl blockout fabric and pencil pleated sheer curtains in Ivy Lace, added a layer of luxury that was simply breathtaking. "The way the light filter through these curtains creates an almost magical ambiance," Taeler remarked. The bold mirror placement in the WIR, complemented by Luxaflex S-wave Sheer curtains in Ivy Lace fabric, completed this opulent space.

Deception Bay - Coastal Dreams Come True

In Deception Bay, the coastal dream was fully realised. Brad and Mel's ensuite bathroom stood out as their best work yet. Judge Simon was particularly impressed, noting, "The tile choice was great, the layout was perfect, and most importantly, it wasn't stuck in the '90s." The nursery window, adorned with Luxaflex Duette® Shades® and Luxaflex Sheer Curtains in Ivy Lace fabric with a S-wave header, added a touch of warmth and practicality to this room.

Hannah and Johnny delivered a striking coastal Scandi façade with a harmonious blend of stone and timber, complemented by mature greenery. Their bathroom, featuring large format tiles and mosaic feature tiles in the shower, was a highlight. For complete privacy and durability, they chose Luxaflex® PolySatin® Shutters for the windows. "These shutters not only look fantastic but also stand up to the humidity in the bathroom," Hannah explained.


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The Next Exciting Chapter: New South Wales

As we bid farewell to Queensland, our attention turns to the exciting transformations taking place in New South Wales. The contestants are pushing boundaries and leveraging Luxaflex products in innovative ways to bring their design visions to life.

Punchbowl - From Frankenstein to 5-Star Luxury

The Punchbowl house is undergoing a complete metamorphosis, transforming from an asbestos-ridden "Frankenstein" into a soft-glam, 5-star hotel-inspired home. Contestants are maximising style and efficiency with strategic Luxaflex window furnishing choices:

Hannah & Johnny's living room and façade feature Luxaflex Sheer Curtains in Ivy Lace fabric and Luxaflex Evo Pivot Arm Awning on the entrance doorway, respectively. The sheer curtains offer elegant light diffusion, while the awnings provide robust sun protection and enhance the home's exterior appeal.

Throughout the home, contestants are choosing Luxaflex Duette Shades in Architella® Elan 20mm blockout fabric, known for its superior insulation and energy efficiency due to its patented honeycomb cell structure. A standout feature is the entrance staircase, where Luxaflex Sheer curtains in Ivy Lace fabric are layered with Luxaflex Translucent Roller Blinds in Walton fabric. This combination offers versatile light control and adds a touch of sophistication to the space.

Belrose: Coastal Mediterranean Elegance

In Belrose, a once-tired brick bungalow is blossoming into a breathtaking double-story haven, embracing the sun-kissed charm of Coastal Mediterranean design. This transformation is a symphony of earthy tones, clay finishes, and rustic stone cladding, artfully balanced with airy neutrals and whispers of white.

Mel & Brad's spaces are adorned with Luxaflex Sheer Curtains in Kendra Artic fabric, creating an ethereal dance of light and shadow. These versatile curtains shift effortlessly, offering a magical play of illumination throughout the day.

Jacinta & Jordan have also picked Luxaflex Sheer Curtains in Kendra Artic fabric which draped the façade, family room, and grand staircase high ceiling windows. These luxurious sheer curtains catch the warm sunlight, diffusing it into a soft glow that flows with the interiors overall design.

The master bedroom combines layered luxury, marrying Luxaflex Sheer Curtains in Kendra Artic fabric with Luxaflex Duette Shades in Sheffield. This enchanting duo creates a sanctuary of light and privacy, reminiscent of a high-end coastal retreat. In the bathroom, Luxaflex® Duette® Architella® translucent Elan fabric in Journal colour add a touch of architectural elegance, their clean lines harmonising with the home's Mediterranean-inspired contours.

For the children's realm, Luxaflex Roller Blinds offer a canvas of possibilities, their smooth operation and array of fabrics perfectly balancing youthful energy with practical functionality.

As the contestants push their creative boundaries, Luxaflex window furnishings are proving essential in achieving their design visions. These innovative products not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of each space but also contribute to the home's overall comfort, energy efficiency, and functionality.

As the curtains draw on this season of Dream Home Australia, we're on the edge of our seats for the final reveals in New South Wales. The transformations we've witnessed so far have been nothing short of extraordinary, with each team showcasing their unique vision and skilful integration of Luxaflex products. Don't miss next week's episode for the grand finale and the ultimate reveal of the last two dream homes! Will the coastal charm of Belrose outshine the luxe transformation in Punchbowl? Tune in to find out!

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