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14 Jul 2022

Combining curtains and blinds… the best of both worlds


When choosing window coverings, it’s not uncommon for people to select a combination of blinds and curtains. ‘Layering’ can create a sophisticated and very stylish look, as well as deliver important benefits like privacy and thermal control.  

However, knowing which blinds and curtains to select, and how they can work together, can be difficult. Here are a few quick steps to follow:

Step1: Start by selecting blind type

Your blinds will form the basis of your window covering, so it’s important to get this selection right from the outset. 

There are several different types of blinds within the Luxaflex® range: 

Luxaflex® Roller Blinds  are, as their name suggests, window coverings that roll down from a circular rod at the top of your window. They’re often popular in bedrooms, and come in a huge range of prints and fabrics, so it’s easy to find an option that suits your home.

Luxaflex® Vertical Blinds  are another popular option in many homes, as they add a fresh new dimension to a traditional window dressing. This type of blind is incredibly versatile, and they are ideal for larger windows and doors. They can also be easily stacked to the left, the right or even split down the centre, depending on your requirements.

Luxaflex® Venetian Blinds  are a modern take on the traditional favourite. They are available in three different styles: Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Country Wood Venetians and Everwood Blinds.  The Luxaflex® range includes a wide variety of customisable options including slat colour, size, material and operating method.

Luxaflex® SoftShades are a newer type of blind innovation and function as somewhat of a screen – letting light through but still providing all-important privacy. Some of the most popular Luxaflex®  SoftShades include Silhouette® Shadings , Pirouette® Shadings and Luminette® Privacy Sheers.

When selecting your type of blind, ask yourself: 

  • How much privacy do you need? Is it the same in every room, or do some rooms have different privacy requirements to others?
  • What sort of look are you going for? Do you want something more classic or modern?
  • Do you want top-down, bottom-up, or side-to-side operation? 
  • How much of a priority is thermal control?
  • How much light do you want to flow into your rooms? Again, is it different for some rooms to others?

Based on your answers to these questions, your Luxaflex®  consultant can help you select the blinds that are best for your home, budget, and specific rooms. 

Step 2: Select your curtain style

Once you’ve decided on a type of blind, then it’s time to think about the style of curtain you want to pair it with. You may opt for a consistent pairing around your home, or opt for different matches depending on the needs of specific rooms. 

Curtain styles in the Luxaflex® range include: 

  • Contemporary Wave – features a soft and continuous ripple effect and is perfect for modern living spaces
  • Double Pinch or Triple Pinch – for a tailored and traditional look
  • Inverted Pleat – features a smooth, flat appearance
  • Pencil Pleat – beautifully gathers fabric for a relaxed and welcoming touch

Step 3: Select fabric and opacity for each

Once you’ve chosen your blinds and curtains, think carefully about the fabric or finish you’d like for each, as well as the opacity of the material. For instance, you may want to choose blockout opacity for bedrooms or theatre rooms, and a much more sheer fabric for living spaces. 

Luxaflex® has a very wide range of colours and fabrics available, so you can create everything from a soft and subtle look, to something that’s completely bold and dramatic. 

Step 4: Select the operating model

Another thing that you’ll need to think carefully about is the operating model – both for your blinds and your curtains – and how they complement each other 

Luxaflex® Curtains have two operating options – manual wand control or motorisation. The manual wand control allows you to hand draw the curtain along the track to open or close the shade. Or, you can choose Luxaflex® PowerView® Motorisation or Somfy® Glydea® Motor. PowerView® Motorisation offers precise control across a variety of different Luxaflex® products, via the Pebble® Remote, smart device or voice control through Google® Assistant and Amazon® Alexa®  integration. Somfy Glydea is effortless to operate with the click of a button to set to your favourite “my” position.

Our blinds all have various modes of operation, ranging from Standard Chain operation through to PowerView® and Qmotion® motorisation

Speak to a Luxaflex® consultant to see which option – or combination of options – can work for you. 

Want to find out more?

If you want professional guidance about combining blinds and curtains in your home, book a complimentary appointment with a Luxaflex® consultant at a showroom near you.

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